【About Programs】

▶Is there a program for junior high and high school students?
 ▷There are no programs planned just for middle and high school students, but if several middle and high school students are expected to attend, we hope to have a leader who will be in charge of middle and high school student small groups so that they can be cared for. They will attend the same plenary sessions with the adults, but depending on the number of students, we would consider having gatherings for them during breakout workshops or other times. We encourage you to bring your junior high and high school children with you.

▶What is the Children's Program and Child Care?
 ▷The Children's Program is for children ages 3-12 (kindergarten age to 6th grade). A team from Operation Safe will be sent to the program. It will take place during the plenary sessions and workshops. GRC participants who would like to learn about the children's program can also serve as helpers.
 ▷Child Care is provided for parents with children ages 0-2 so that they can focus on the program and participate in the meeting, Please understand that this is not a professional child care program as we will be recruiting helpers from among the GRC participants. If enough helpers are provided, we are considering offering child care services during the breakout workshops as well.