Request for Donations

We hope for as many returnees as possible to be able to participate in GRC18.

In order to aid those who are troubled for financial reasons, and for the traveling expenses of those traveling long-distance, we will establish a scholarship fund system.

We ask for your cooperation for scholarship funds.

Scholarship Fund Achievement Percentage Chart (Target amount: 1 million yen) *As of October 15, 2022

Achievement rate 36.8% (368,516 yen)

We also accept donations for the operation fund.

* Please specify if it is a donation for a "scholarship" or "operation." If there is no description, it will be used for the operation fund.

◎ Account information for payment ◎

(Payment from a postal account)
Account name: GRC
Code: 10190
Number: 54569891

(Payment from other financial institution)
Account name: GRC
Bank name: Yuucho Ginkou (financial institution code: 9900)
Store name: 018
Store number: 018
Account type: normal
Account number: 5456989

◎ Donations by Credit Card ◎

Click here and select the amount you wish to donate or enter the amount you donate manually in the "Donations" section, then click “Payment page" to complete the payment. After making the payment, please send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let know what the donation is for (for GRC administration or GRC scholarship).