Workshop I 11:15-12:30 (May 4)
 Category  Title Speaker 
Returnee Issue Japanese Culture and Christianity Seima Aoyagi
Family Children's Ministries and Digital Tools Mitsuru Ishikura
 Mission Gospel Evangelism in the Workplace You Can Start Tomorrow Andrew Neal Nakakuki
 Growth Missional Community Yoshihito Noguchi
 Other Do you know what a cult is? The world of cults is never far away Atsushi Saito
English Understanding the Gospel in the context of Japanese culture Tetsuo Benjamin Kagiwada


 Workshop II 11:15-12:30 (May 5)
 Category  Title Speaker 
Returnee Issue The needs of returnees and how the local church can support them Tomiyuki Williams
Family   Takeharu Yamaguchi
 Mission Me in World Mission Eiko Takamizawa
 Growth What it means to love yourself Nobuyuki Toyoda
 Other Motherland〜Gabriel's finger on his lips〜 Masayuki Nishimura
 English Equipping returnees to evangelise family, friends and colleagues in Japan Liz Jeggo