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GRC21分科会日程表 English

Workshop 1: Monday, May 3rd, 9:30~10:30

What it means to be close to returnees
Yokoyama, Yoshie
(Category: Re-entry)
It's often difficult for those who came into contact with Christianity overseas to return home and connect with the church in Japan. This workshop will respond to the enthusiasm of those who wish to understand and walk with returnees. We've held similar workshops at the past two GRCs and participants were able to hear the real voices of returnees. We hope returnees will join our discussion to help the Japanese church understand what it means to be a returnee. Looking forward to seeing who joins this workshop.

How to live as a Christian amidst of Japan's religious rituals
Yamato, Shohei
(Category: Re-entry)
The majority of Japanese people claim to have "no religion," but they follow a variety of religious practices. It's a family or community religion with ancestor worship at its core. We'll work together to understand its history and structure, and how to live as Christians.

Family & Married Couples & Boundaries
Toyoda, Nobuyuki
(Category: Family)
We will have a dialogue about family, married couples and boundaries.

Working with God: Business, Faith Life, Mission
Shimomura, Akiya
(Category: Missions)
There is a term, "sacred-secular dualism," which suggests that ministries of the church are superior to work in the workplace. Is this really so? God was pleased with the work of His creation and is it incorrect to say that the work which we devote more than 90% of our lives to has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.
Since Adam and Even committed the first sin at “the Fall” and since the advent of Jesus Christ, "renewal & restoration" have begun in this world through His cross and resurrection. The world is a mixture of both, and your work has elements of both, and it is now up to you in your workplace to decide which you will focus on and do. It is hoped you will find the seeds of "renewal & restoration" in your work and engage in the work of "new creation" entrusted to you by God. It is hoped that this seminar, full of stories of failure, will encourage you to do so.

Centering Prayer
Nakamura, Sachi
(Category: Growth)
"Contemplative Prayer" was introduced at EC20, and this time the workshop will focus on "Centering Prayer" a silent prayer which has generated a lot of interest. It will be helpful if you watch the recording of Mrs. Nakamura's EC20 workshop beforehand.

Receiving the Baton - How a local church can follow up and disciple returnees
Buchholtz, Grant and Miho
(Category: English)
This workshop is about the importance of creating a means and an environment to effectively welcome and nurture returnees. By sharing our success and failures we'll share the challenging reality of this ministry and ideas of how to build bridges that help returnees take steps towards faith or grow in their faith.


Workshop 2: Tuesday, May 4th, 9:30~10:30

"What is marriage? Why do we get married?”
Mizutani, Kiyoshi
(Category: Family)
Let's review the foundational Biblical definition and purpose of marriage from the Bible. From that foundation, let's think together about preparation and efforts toward marriage, as well as current relationships, dating, and sexuality. Not just looking at the theology, but reflecting upon specific suggestions and options.

Evangelism Using the Media
Yoshioka, Yasutaka
(Category: Missions)
In the COVID-19 era, the methods of evangelism using various media, such as online streaming of worship services has spread rapidly. Some churches may have hurriedly started media evangelism using whatever equipment, knowledge, and ideas they had on hand, and have been doing it ever since. As you may know, media-based evangelism has huge potential. In this workshop, we'll share ideas and tips for more effective media evangelism, not just as a temporary response to COVID-19, but with a long-term vision.

Missions are not to be done on surplus power!
Takamizawa, Eiko
(Category: Mission)
Let's clear up the misunderstanding of the word "missions". We'll learn what the Bible says about "missions". Toyohiko Kagawa's life will be briefly introduced as an example of a man who carried out biblical missions.

Small Groups I Can Do!
Kakehashi, Hiromi
(Category: Growth)
Are you thinking, "small groups aren't for me?" It's a great ministry for personal spiritual growth and follow up with returnees. This workshop will teach you how anyone can easily begin. This workshop will also share practical details with testimonies to show examples of how to create a healthy group that can be sustained, and how you can support each other as group members even if you are not the group leader.

How to Read the Bible (Bible Beliefs)
Fujimoto, Mitsuru
(Category: Growth)
What does it mean to say that the Bible is the Word of God? Should we interpret creation in Genesis as it is, literally and figuratively? How should we view the discrepancies in various parts of the Bible? What do you mean when you say that you believe the Bible is the Word of God? Let's bring together our questions and ideas.

Understanding Japan 
Murakami, Kimihisa
(Category: English)
Physical Japan, Mental Japan, and Spiritual Japan
-Three Dimension ofCountryJapan
▋Physical Japan, Mental Japan, and Spiritual Japan日本の体・心・霊
∎Japan’s Body-Physical Japan体日本列島の成り立ちと文化
Japan where four Continental Plates meet四つの大陸プレートがぶつかる列島
West Japan and East Japan二つの大陸プレートに載っている二つの日本
∎Japan’s Soul-Mental Japan心日本人の心・考え方
Japanese View of Nature and View of Life日本人の自然観と人生観
Rice Paddy and Japanese culture水稲耕作民
-farmer and nomad(Cain and Abel)耕作民と遊牧民(カインとアベル)
∎Japan’s Spirit-Spiritual Japan霊日本人の霊的な状況
Truncation of Japanese日本と日本人の霊的な枯渇-spiritual dimension lost
▋Four National Crises4回の国家的危機(白村江、元寇、二次大戦、東日本災害)と日本の課題
▋His Servant Japan奉仕国家日本
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