Introducing GRC18 C-link18

Praise God whose work is always wonderful and ministers throughout history, beyond cultural and language barriers and any boundaries!

The purpose of this year’s C-link18 is “to seek new mission collaboration possiblitieis through retrunees ministries.” We will be looking at current unique mission collaboration ministries as case studies. We hope to use this time to reaffirm and commit ourselves for world mission and expanding possibilities of working together for God’s calling.

14:00〜14:15 Keynote Speech 【Hiroaki Yonai】
14:15〜14:45 Case Study 1 【Akihiro Yabe】
“Returnees - Welcomed and now Sent”
14:45〜15:15 Case Study 2 【Yukako Matsuura】
”Connecting the world and church”
15:15〜15:45 Case Study 3【Nozomu Kashima】 
”Developing Regional Mission Cooperation began with Follow Up Ministries”
15:45〜16:15 Case Study 4【Min Gong】
“Vision and Mission that connects Church and others”
16:15〜16:30 Break
16:30〜16:45 Raising Questions for Table Discussion
16:45〜17:15 Table Discussion Time
17:15〜17:45 Presentation from each tables
17:45〜18:00 Closing Prayers
※Subject to change

Fee: Free

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    C-link Registration

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