Direction to the conferece location

(1)Direct Bus

At GRC, we will prepare a direct bus from Shinjuku station to the conference location (¥3,000 one way) for the first and last days.
You can apply for the direct bus at the same time you register for the conference.

Going: 2nd (Wednesday) Shinjuku west exit・to conference location (meeting place map)
Meeting time: 14:00 Departure: 14:30

Coming back: 5th (Saturday) conference location exit・to Shinjuku station west entrance
Departure time: After conference

*Due to the week day departure on May 2nd, from Shinjuku to the conference location, the bus schedule will be carried out if more than 40 people sign up for the bus by April 6th. If the number of people does not reach to the minimus #, the schedule will be cancelled. In that case, the bus fee will be refunded and we will ask you to find other transportation means to be at the conference.
*We are looking at around 2~2.5 hours, including the break time, but due to traffic of the consecutive holidays, we believe it may take even longer. For those that will use other means of transportation from Shinjuku, we recommend that you plan for the bus to take longer than stated so that you will have plenty of time to switch. Or, please use the train.
*If you are attending C-link meeting on May 2nd, the GRC direct bus will not be able to make it on time for the afternoon session. Please use highway bus or train to be at the conference location.


Chūōsen・Shinjuku station→transfer at Ōtsuki station→Fuji express line・get off at Mt Fuji station
We will be preparing a bus pick-up to Mt Fuji station from the conference location.
As for the schedule of the bus, we will give you information later.


Details at the hotel website

◎From Tokyo
Chūō road・exit Kawaguchiko I.C and turn left→R139, turn right at the second stoplight after about 3 minutes

◎From Gotenba
East Fujigoko road・Subashiri I.C→turn right on Fujiyoshida→to R139, turn right at the stoplight on the detailed map after about 3 minutes

◎From Fuji city・Kōfu
Chūō road・pass Kawaguchiko I.C, turn right at the "Showa College Entrance" stoplight after about 3 minutes

(4)Chuo Highway Bus

Stop and get off for Fujikyuu bus
We will prepare a Fujikyuu bus pick-up from the conference location.
As for the schedule of the bus, we will give you information later.

For details on and reserving the highway bus:

Shinjuku~Fujigoko line

Shibuya~Kawaguchiko line

Nagoya~Fujigoko line