Profile Contents:
1. Name
2. Committee Position
3. Overseas Experience
4. Current Employment and Ministry Involvement
5. Church Membership (Denomination)
6. Hopes for GRC and Message for Attendees

nakamura 1. Chihiro Okada
2. Planning Committee Director
3. California, USA (10 ½ years; 2002-2013)
4. JCFN Japan Head Director
5. Chofu Baptist Church (Japan Baptist Alliance)
6. I am hoping that GRC will be a time when returnees from all over the world will have the heart of God. I can't wait to meet everyone at GRC, seeing old friends again and making new ones!
takashi 1. Takashi Ida
2. Vice Director
3. England and California, USA (3 years; 2010-2013)
4. Pastor
5. Sakuragaoka Christian Church (Tokyo Free Methodist)
6. GRC has the impact to change your life. Accept God's vision. Then, let's change the world!! 
nakakuki 1. Andrew Takashi Neil Nakakuki
2. Plenary Session Coordinator
3. Georgia, USA (23 years)
4. CBI Christ Bible Seminary (Nagoya)
Heart & Soul Cafe Coordinator/Event Coordinator/Office Staff
5. All Nations Fellowship (Non-denominational)
6. My hope is that God would bless Japan and the world through returnees and those with overseas experience. There are many difficulties when returning home. Sometimes there are conflicts with the people around you, and sometimes within yourself. However, the One who began a good work in us is faithful to complete it. And so, let's continue to walk together with God, gathering together and encouraging one another!
makito 1. Makito Takagi
2. Plenary Session Assistant Director
3. Mississippi, USA (3 months); Kentucky, USA (1 year)
4. During the day, studies as a seminarian; on weekends, serves mainly at church
5. Koganei Church (Tokyo Free Methodist)
6. GRC is a place where returnees from various backgrounds come together in once place! That's right! GRC! Already I am full of anticipation and excitement to see what God will do then and there. I can't wait to meet everyone.
michi 1. Michitsugu Yokoi
2. Worship Coordinator
3. Oregon, USA from 1983 onward. Since 2010, has temporarily (?) returned to Japan.
4. Worker at a foreign manufacturer. Also temporarily serving as a pastor and preaching at church.
5. Nara Christian Church (Japan Baptist Alliance)
6. I think that there are many people for who, since coming home, the deep emotion and passion in their hearts that they experienced overseas has become just a memory of the past. How about taking this opportunity to get away from daily life in Japan and attend GRC to get some hope, courage, and encouragement? I'm looking forward to meeting you! :)
kakehashi 1. Hiromi Kakehashi
2. Small Group Director
3. New Zealand (2 ½ years); Australia (2 ½ years)
4. Tokyo Baptist Church full-time staff
5. Tokyo Baptist Church
6. I'm looking forward to meeting all kinds of people: those who came home and have been actively involved in church, those who haven't been able to go to church much, those who are tired, those who want encouragement, those who want to encourage others. I'm excited to see what this convention will give each person to take home.
setsu 1. Setsu Shimizu
2. Network Director
3. Living in the US since 1983. Lived in Japan from 2000 to 2003.
4. JCFN North America Head Director
5. Home Church: Makiki Seijo Christian Church (UCC) in Honolulu
Serving at RIZE Church (Free Methodist Church) in Huntington Beach, CA
6. The God of this world is living in Japan and overseas, and is living within us as well. No matter when or where, no matter the position of my life, I want the Lord to use me, and I want to be sincerely joyful in being loved, to be thankful, and to show the love of Jesus to my neighbor in practical ways. I am always praying and hoping for this. I am praying that God will use me as I meet everyone at GRC, praise His love, fellowship, experience God's Word with mind and body, and convey that love to the world. I'm looking forward to meeting you!
sekiya 1. Noriko Sekiya
2. Prayer Director
3. Stuttgart, Germany twice (7 years)
4. Japanese Mission Church (Steering Committee Member)
Izar Committee (Munich church plant; supports missionaries Koitaru and Rikako Yasufuji)
5. Urawa Gospel Free Church
6. I'm praying that people would experience again the joy of salvation, that each person will experience confirmation of God's blessing, and that everyone will take the heart of God back with them to their place in Japan.
choko 1. Sonoko Kishimoto
2. Human Resources Director
3. England (2006-2010)
4. English Teacher; Mustard Seed Ministry
5. Itabashi Church (Japan Christian Union Church)
6. I'm hoping that this will be a wonderful time for those who have gone out into various parts of the world and then gathered together again in Japan to encourage each other, pray for each other, and listen to the Word of God. I'm looking forward to meeting new people at GRC as well as reuniting with old friends.
maki 1. Maki Goto
2. Web Master, etc.
3. California and Colorado, USA (1990-2004)
4. JCFN Japan Director; Tokyo Tyrannus Hall Director
5. Higashi Fushimi Gospel Christian Church
6. I hope that this conference will be used for returnees not to only be returnees, but to be prepared