Shigenori Oshima

Born in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto. While in middle school, joining the basketball club full of delinquents and his aspirations towards the manga, Bebop Highschool, led him to completely cut ties with church. After his baptism at age 16, he made a complete shift into a legalistic Christian. Much has happened since then, but by God's mercy, has been sustained by the Lord to this day.

Has been the director of KGK since 1997. Graduate of Kobe Reformed Seminary. In 2011, while on a sabbatical at Moore College in Sydney, Australia. While serving at Sydney Japanese Christ Church, came to realize the great meaning behind evangelizing to Japanese who have gone abroad. Currently is the Vice-General secretary, Student Missions Office chief, and Okinawa Regional Director for KGK. Father of a 15-year old daughter and 13-year old son. Hobby is cooking. Favorite books: "Church that lives with the Youth" (Evangelism and Church Formation Research Center), "Succession of Faith: from mum to me" (Word of Life Press)

A word to Participants:
I hope GRC will be a time of reunion with the people I met through EC11, SLIM13, and my time in Australia in 2011. I pray we may all come together to receive God's call and challenge as those sent to Japan for His Kingdom.



Shinji Seki

Born in Tokyo in 1964. Despite having a rocky adolescent period, graduated high school and pursued training to be a cook. At age 20, traveled to San Jose to work in a kitchen of a Japanese restaurant. His grades in high school English were #1! (Counting from the bottom, unfortunately...) Carrying many "success" books under his arm, dreaming the "American Dream", the only thing he had was motivation. Entering a world that did not understand the beauty of a "delinquent hairstyle", for the first time, realized that he was a mere frog who had been sitting in a little well. What followed was an epic failure. The owners of the restaurant happened to be Christians, and thanks to his personality that lacked arrogance, was unable to decline the invitation to church. In 3 months, came to trust in the Lord, receiving baptism on Christmas of 1984, at the age of 20. 3 years later, felt called to pastoral ministry and returned to Japan. Graduated Tokyo Biblical Seminary in 1992 and was married the same year. After 12 years of pastoring in the Kangawa and Saitama prefectures, in 2005, was called as the Japanese pastor for Honolulu Christian Church. Enjoying the "Hawaiian Life" with his wonderful wife and 4 children. Hobbies are cooking and Sado (Tea Ceremony)

A word to Participants:
Will God speak to us at this conference? What blessings of grace is He preparing? Hope to gather with all of you at the foot of Mt. Fuji, with our hearts expectant in Him. Looking forward to seeing you all there!



Akihiro Matsumoto

Born 1961 in Asahikawa, a region in Hokkaido known for Ayako Miura. His father's job required many transfers, and the number of elementary schools attended were 6, including those in Hokkaido, Aichi, and Gifu prefectures. Looking back now, it was preparation for missions. When a junior in high school, his elder sister invited him to an English conversation class taught by missionaries in Kushiro. Shortly thereafter, made a confession of faith and After receiving baptism, went to Aomori prefecture to attend university in Hirosaki. Later worked as a teacher at Sapporo Seiryou High school for 4 years. Attracted by the café outreach ministry, became a member of the Church of Twelve Apostles, a church part of the United Church of Christ in Japan denomination. During that time, married his wife Masako. Taught English to OMF missionaries for a little over a year, and was encouraged by one of the missionaries to attend the ACTS seminary in Korea. After graduation, returned to his home church and joined the pastoral team of the church. 6 years later, made the decision to enroll in Western seminary in Michigan after nearly burning out. Upon graduation, returned once again to the home church and served as head pastor for 6 years. In 2005, was called to Southeast Asia and after receiving 4 months of training at the Discipleship Training Centre in Singapore, became the pastor of JCF Jakarta. In 2012, with the children out of the home, spent about a year traveling and visiting unpastored churches in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia calling themselves the "migratory couple". Became pastor of JCF Singapore in March 2013. Two sons, ages 27 and 22, are living in Sapporo and Michigan.

A word to Participants:
I feel that pastoring the Japanese churches located overseas, networking in Asia, "migratory evangelism" and returnee follow-up are what God is calling me to do for the remainder of my life. I look forward to expanding my horizons through meeting all of you who have returned to Japan from all over the world.