We are His Dream〜Living it Together

Was being overseas only just a dream?
Was what I experienced just an illusion?

There may be times we feel this way.

But, it wasn't a dream!!

Whether you met Christ overseas or whether your faith as a Christian was encouraged overseas, the experience you had may have been wonderful like a dream, but it was not a false reality!.

Rather, it was God's vision. His "dream". God had been eagerly waiting to meet you overseas, and now that you've had this joyous meeting, you now have returned to Japan. And even then, we are able to live with this joy even today.

"Restore to me the joy of salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me" Psalm 51:12

We hope that "GRC15:Global Returnees Conference" will be a conference where we may gather together, renew our minds about "God's dream: the joy of salvation", and to continue walking in the unchanging joy in and through Christ, whether overseas or in Japan.

And finally, our prayer is that our dreams may be conformed to what God sees, receiving "God's dream: His vision" as we walk the road together.
We are His Dream〜Living it Together

Let us share together of what God dreams for us at GRC15.

GRC15 Planning Committee