■At Convening GRC

Originally ANRC 09 began for "returnees" who were born again overseas. Later, the definition of returnee has broadened to include "the ones who came back to the Lord," as target participants expanded to include foreigners living in Japan, internationals, and international families at ANRC10 and ANRC12. During ANRC12, the understanding was further widened to include transformational changes in a person's life.

JCFN has had many discussions with the ANRC committee and its affiliates with the understanding for the importance to cover a wide-ranging and diverse group. At the same time remaining focused on providing support for the challenges returnees face.

With that in mind, it was decided in the board meeting that JCFN will convene the Global Returnees Conference (GRC) with a focus on returnees.


For returnee Christians, churches, organizations, and individuals receiving returnees to be encouraged and grow in Christ for the advancement of the gospel in Japan and all over the world.

Through convening GRC15, we hope overseas Japanese ministries, and churches and fellowships in Japan receiving returnees will be connected and build close relationships. We are praying that GRC may provide encouragement for leaders. We also are praying that it brings opportunity to think about non-Japanese residing in Japan so that they may be equipped before returning to their countries.

■Target Participants

(1) Returnees and Christians who have been overseas.
(2) Churches, organizations, and individuals that are involved with returnee Christians.
(3) Overseas Japanese churches and missionary organizations, and individuals who are involved with them
(4) Non-Japanese residing in Japan (for work, study, etc) and their supporters and supporting organizations.

■Sponsored by

JCFN (Japanese Christian Fellowship Network)