Will you consider holding an alumni reunion?

GRC is a convention focused on returnees, or those who came to faith overseas and have returned to Japan. Through ANRC09, 10 and 12 (please refer to the prospectus), returnee networks are spreading in many places. However, there are many people who are feeling various challenges in their walk of faith after returning home, and connecting with and encouraging one another becomes extremely important. At the upcoming GRC15, we are hoping that returnees who came to faith overseas (Christians who have experience with foreign cultures) will widen their circles of encouragement, become closer to one another, and bear fruit in their faith wherever they are.

During GRC15, through the regional gathering section of the program, we are preparing for people from foreign churches and fellowships to hold alumni reunions. Please consider taking this opportunity to hold an alumni reunion for those who came to faith together overseas to be able to see each other again.

In addition, for those who are not yet connected to a church or other gathering, we are hoping that participating in the alumni reunion would be a natural opportunity for them to connect with other attendees from the same region. On Tuesday, September 22, there will be Japan regional gatherings where attendees will divide into the regions where they live, meet returnees from countries all over the world, and spread the network in that area. We pray that this would contribute to each person's spiritual growth.

-Alumni Reunion; Overseas Regional Gatherings-
Meeting with old friends

When: Monday, September 21 (Respect for the Aged Day)
Noon to 3pm (possibly extending to 5pm)

-Japan Regional Gatherings-
The place for new connections for returnees

When: Tuesday, September 22 (National Holiday)
Noon to 2pm

We hope that your church or fellowship will hold an alumni gathering, invite returnees, and that each returnee would take the opportunity to increase their connections with others.